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Addictions Counseling And Services

Place2Heals outpatient treatment program will provide structured treatment designed to meet the needs of the client and focuses on creating treatment tailored to help the client succeed. P2H will use a Harm Reduction Model to focus on reducing negative outcomes while valuing abstinence as a goal. Outpatient treatment will consist of individualized programs that range from 90 days to a year, depending on the needs of the client. Clients will have the ability to work with a team of people that will provide services structured to help the client succeed. Evidenced-based curriculums will be used to help clients focus on understanding how their lives have become unmanageable and find solutions by gaining healthy coping skills to use in everyday life. 


Individual Counseling…

Addiction treatment should be individualized with the idea of meeting the client where they are at to help them learn about the unique strengths and challenges they will face in their recovery. Through honesty, mutual respect, and collaboration, the therapeutic relationship should foster, insight, growth, compassion, understanding, inner strength and change. 

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Reading Group

Treatment Groups

Place2Heal has several treatment groups presented through evidenced-based curriculums that provide an overall structure for clients to learn new skills. Clients will have a chance to focus on the things they need to work on in a group setting while receiving and giving positive feedback and interaction to other group members. 


Case Management 

Case Mangers will provide clients with general needs within the behavioral health setting on an individual and group basis to support and assist clients to engage in services to overcome barriers and reach healthy goals.

Stone Balancing

Peer Support 

Place2Heal works with Tayas Yawks to provide Peer Support services to clients within a recover-oriented person-centered environment to assist with mentoring and education for ongoing recovery and wellness support.

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